Adequate and efficient internal control in critical in any business. In this area, we render various services, e.g., evaluation of the company’s policies, business processes, procedures, contracts, agreements with employees/third parties. We then review the conduct and execution of actual transactions to ensure adherence or non-conformance with set rules, norms, and standards. If we see controls lacking in certain areas, we come up with recommendations to improve the situation. In addition, we complement these with action plans to protect the company assets, improve operational efficiency, and prevent breach of secured company data and other vital information.

At the request of clients, special engagements may be arranged which include more creative, change driven and non-perfunctory services like:

  • Review adequacy of sound accounting policies, for maintaining adequate and efficient accounting system, safeguarding assets, authorizing transactions, retaining supporting documentation for those transactions, and for devising a system of internal controls that will, among other things, help assure the preparation of proper financial statements
  • Review design and implementation of programs and controls to prevent and detect fraud, and uncover suspected fraud which may involve (a) management (b) employees who have significant roles in internal control, and (c) third party transactions where the fraud could have a material effect on the financial statements